Kratom has become increasingly beloved in the US. But can Americans legally enjoy this traditional Southeast Asian herbal supplement? In our article, we uncover all you need to know about the current legal landscape of kratom use!

Is Kratom Legal in the USA?

Kratom may have a complicated legal status in the United States, but for those living where it is allowed, there are multiple fun and convenient ways to enjoy it! From tasty kratom gummies and kratom shots to more traditional kratom capsules or kratom powder forms - kratom offers something tailored for everyone.

Kratom is a genuinely remarkable herb - its legal status varies by state. Don't worry, however! All you need to do before consuming this fantastic plant is double-check the laws in your area – and then enjoy kratom!

Purchasing kratom only from reputable sources such as Purkratom that fully comply with all applicable laws is also advisable. It is essential to research the laws in your area before purchasing or consuming kratom, as it can be risky if you are unaware of the legal status of kratom in your state or locality. 

Kratom consumers should always follow recommended kratom dosages when taking any form of kratom and never consume more than what has been determined safe to avoid potential health risks. 

Where is Kratom Illegal in the USA?

As of 2021, there are six states where kratom is illegal in the USA, including Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. In addition to these states, certain cities and counties have banned kratom, such as San Diego County in California and Denver in Colorado. 

Staying informed on legal developments regarding kratom is critical! While kratom has not been universally banned, some areas may consider the substance controlled - so keeping up with changes in kratom could make a world of difference.

Finally, it is essential to purchase kratom from reputable sources that offer authentic kratom products—research before buying to ensure a quality kratom product that meets your needs.

Understanding the Different Strains of Kratom Available at PurKratom

PurKratom offers a variety of strains of kratom that come from different regions of Southeast Asia. Each strain has its unique set of characteristics, and it is essential to understand them before choosing a strain that suits your needs. Our most popular strains include Maeng Da, Bali, and Green Malay.

At PurKratom, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, pure kratom that is 100% organic and non-GMO. Our kratom is manufactured in a GMP-approved facility and is third-party lab tested to ensure its purity and safety. We offer kratom in various forms, including capsules, powder, gummies, shots, and drinks, making it easy for you to consume kratom in a way that suits your preferences.

Various Forms of Kratom are Available at PurKratom

At PurKratom, we offer a wide range of forms of kratom to suit your needs. Each form has advantages and disadvantages; choosing the right one that suits your lifestyle and preferences is essential. Some of our most popular forms of kratom include capsules, powder, gummies, shots, and drinks.

Kratom capsules are the ideal choice for busy folks on the go, while powder form offers a cost-practical and versatile option perfect for mixing with all sorts of food or drinks. No matter what you choose, both forms of kratom will bring joy into your life!

Kratom gummies, shots, and drinks are newer forms of kratom gaining popularity. They offer a convenient and tasty way to consume kratom. Kratom shots and drinks are pre-mixed and ready to drink, while gummies are chewy and can be consumed on the go.

Purkratom offers high-quality, pure kratom in all of these forms. Our kratom is 100% organic and non-GMO and is manufactured in a GMP-approved facility. We also third-party lab test our kratom to ensure its purity and safety.


Kratom has become a popular alternative to traditional painkillers and mood enhancers in the USA. While it is legal in most parts of the country, there are a few states and cities where it is banned. It is essential to check the local laws before buying or using kratom in your area. Additionally, it is recommended to purchase kratom products from reputable vendors who implement quality control measures such as third-party lab testing and GMP manufacturing standards, such as PurKratom. Finally, following the recommended dosage guidelines when using kratom is essential to avoid potential adverse effects.

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