There are many reasons why people take kratom. To meet the needs of our kratom users, we offer various kratom products and forms. People who have discovered the multiple benefits of consuming kratom have also found they prefer some kratom types over others. PurKratom offers kratom shots, kratom powder, kratom capsules, kratom softgels, and kratom gummies so that every kratom user can find their favorite type of kratom.

Some of the reasons why people prefer one type of kratom over another include:

Kratom Powder

When time is not an issue, many kratom fans prefer kratom powder. This gives them the most diversity in their kratom consumption and dosage. Kratom users can add the kratom powder to a smoothie, create a kratom tea, or even measure and make their own kratom capsules. In addition, kratom powder is a preferred type of kratom by some kratom users who want more control over consuming kratom.

Kratom Shots

Kratom shots provide a quick delivery method and faster absorption. If you’re a kratom user more concerned about convenience and optimal results, our kratom shots are often chosen by people who want to take kratom.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom powder can be a bit messy and difficult to measure. For these reasons, we also offer kratom capsules. A capsule made from kratom powder has similar effects as kratom powder. The capsules have the convenience of being pre-measured, so users experience the same type and dose of effects each time they consume kratom. Taking kratom capsules has one additional benefit, the capsule shell does not have an effect on the potency of the kratom powder.

Capsules across the supplement industry remain a consistent favorite, and it’s no different with kratom fans. Kratom capsules are a discreet and portable method of consuming kratom when you want it. Whether an occasional or regular kratom users, many people take kratom capsules to get their desired impact.

Kratom SoftGels

If you don't have time to mix kratom powder into your morning smoothie, kratom gummies are a great option to supplement your daily kratom consumption.

Kratom soft gels are a popular consumption method of kratom by many kratom users. Softgels are easy to swallow and a quick and easy way to consume kratom. When you do not have time to measure kratom powder and want a portable kratom, our kratom soft gels provide an excellent opportunity to consume kratom at your leisure.

Kratom Gummies

For those who prefer a pleasant-tasting method of consuming kratom, we offer kratom gummies. A fan favorite, kratom gummies are a tasty, portable, and fun way to consume kratom. Many kratom fans prefer to take kratom gummies to obtain their desired kratom benefits. Kratom gummies are for kratom users who enjoy the chewy bite with no hassle of measuring or cleaning up. 

The variety of kratom products available at PurKratom offers kratom users a wide array of products to meet their needs and preferences.

How Kratom Works

Kratom effects are different from person to person. How it works depends on the kratom dosage and the frequency of use.

Kratom has two main active chemicals that affect the body: 

  1. Mitragynine – This is the main active ingredient of kratom. Mitragynine acts as a stimulant in low doses but can act as a sedative at higher doses.
  2. 7-hydroxy mitragynine – This is a derivative of mitragynine. Studies indicate that it is the main active ingredient, and it has been shown to bind to the brain’s opioid receptors and is thought to be 5-7 times more potent than morphine.

Like many other herbal remedies and drugs, kratom works by altering the chemical balance in the body. It enhances or dampens the activity of certain chemicals in the brain, which in turn has an effect on the person’s mood, perception, and thinking. Kratom activates opioid receptors in the brain, works in a manner similar to opioid drugs like heroin, and is regulated by the same brain cells the opioids are. This is what distinguishes kratom from other stimulants or drugs. Kratom is said to work by binding to the opioid receptor, enhancing the effects of the opioid drugs, and helping addicts kick the habit.


Kratom has been used for thousands of years, and it is yet to be discovered why it is effective in helping people with various ailments. Yet many people choose to take kratom for one reason or another. As a result, some countries and states have banned its use. Others have banned its use but allowed it to be used in a controlled way.

Regardless of your reason for taking kratom, always abide by the recommended kratom dosage and slowly increase your intake until the desired effect is reached. Unfortunately, like other herbal remedies, kratom also has its side effects.

So if you want to use kratom, be it for entertainment, health, or just because you want to, be sure to do so in moderation.

If you are an established Kratom user or a newcomer to kratom, you’ll want to purchase pure products that are consistent in potency. When you shop at PurKratom, we guarantee you that all of our kratom products are 100% organic with no additives, sugar, or fillers. In addition, our products are manufactured in the USA in a GMP facility with strict quality control guidelines. After that, our kratom products are third-party lab tested to ensure quality. Shop kratom with PurKratom with confidence and receive excellent customer service and competitive pricing. 

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