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Kraken Kratom Alternative

When  it comes to finding the highest quality kratom products, customer reviews are critical, especially in a market with minimal expert reviews. And so, this is the case for kratom products. The customers often use others’ feedback to choose the best kratom products‘ vendors.

Now that the competition is stiff, vendors have introduced marketing strategies to entice buyers to their online, wholesale, and retail stores. For instance, many vendors guarantee their customers 100 percent purity and independent lab tests. If you are searching for the best Kratom brand, then you have come to the right place.

About Kraken Kratom Brand

Kraken Kratom Brand Logo

Based in Oregon, Kraken Kratom is a kratom product vendor that strives to provide the highest-quality Kratom products online. Their inventory consists of Kratom strains such as Bali Kratom powders, kratom capsules, and other kratom products. Check out their website for fairly priced products such as Borneo Kratom, Indo Kratom, Thailand Kratom, Kali Kratom, Red Dragon Kratom, Malay Kratom, and Sumatra Kratom.

About PurKratom Brand

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Also based in Florida, their inventory includes powder strains such as White Maeng DaGreen Maeng DaRed Maeng DaPremium Green MalayPremium Red MalayBali PremiumWhite Bali, and Red Bali. They boast for the best technology in producing capsule strains, which enrich your kratom options. The company is one of the best kratom brands with many positive customer reviews, which make it the best and authentic Kratom vendor in the USA.

Why PurKratom is Better Than Kraken Kratom Brand

Our guide will help you see why PurKratom is a better Kratom seller when compared to Kraken Kratom. Here we go!


Shipping is an important feature when it comes to choosing a company to shop with even in bulk. For PurKratom, you will get same day shipping for any product you order before 3 pm on a weekday. Any strain of Kratom you see in the online inventory is currently available at their Florida stores. More importantly, the customer gets a confirmation notification, which is auto-generated immediately the order is dispatched. This email notification comes with a tracking number and other relevant information about the product. Besides, they can also deliver to a P.O. Box. Their packages are secure during transit because they are always shipped in bubble mails to enhance package protection. On the contrary, for you to get same day shipping with Kraken Kratom, you must complete your order by 2 Pm. Although both companies offer same day shipping, you get more time to shop if you are buying with the PurKratom brand.

Selection of Strains

Selection of Strains

It is often impossible to sell all the Kratom strains in one store. However, PurKratom tries its best to avail most of the best-selling strains in the market. You will get up to 22 different types to choose from for your preference. Unlike in the old days, when people could chew the kratom leaves for its nutritional constituents, here, you will get Kratom in forms such as powder and capsule. PurKratom gives its buyers a wide variety of capsules to shop. If you want either green, red or white, you will get all this in their online store. Treat yourself with a smooth as well as euphoric high feeling with the PurKratom strains such as Green Malay. If you want to shop with Kraken Kratom Brand, be sure to get a variety of strains you can use every day. However, the main disadvantage of buying from the Kraken Kratom Brand is that you may not find a variety of capsules like with PurKratom. Even though most people prefer powder to capsules, it is essential that you find a vendor that gives you all the options available in the market to meet the requirements of many consumers. Here is where PurKratom wins because they have kratom capsules such as Maeng da Thai and white vein Borneo, which Kraken Kratom does not offer.

Quality Control and Access to Product Information

All Kratom vendors strive to achieve Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They all must get the American Kratom Association (AKA) certification, which is essential in determining a reputable Kratom brand. PurKratom is GMA approved, and the company often relies on a trustworthy third-party lab report to prove 100 percent purity for its products. More importantly, PurKratom uses one supplier to maintain consistent quality and consequently guarantee the highest quality kratom products. You can find detailed information on the lab reports for various products on their website. All their products come with a full product description, which includes the strains’ constituent ingredients and their nutritional benefits. While reviewing Kraken Kratom products, you will get find that they satisfy the quality standards way from manufacturing packaging and even processing. However, you will find very little information about essential features, such as the serving size of the modified extracts. Reviews from most customers show that it is often challenging to estimate the right serving size when dealing with the Kraken Kratom enhanced blends. In this case, consumers of these strains must experiment on these products as they find what best suits their needs.

Payment And Returns

Payment and return policy should be on at the top of your priority list, especially when you are a beginner. While price and same day shipping are important, you want a vendor such as PurKratom with secure payment platforms that guarantee the security of your information. At PurKratom, you will get a 100 percent full refund on return products. However, their 30-day return and refund policy does not include shipping costs incurred during the return.

Kraken Kratom gives you access to a wide variety of payment options, with Bitcoin being the latest acceptable payment. The biggest challenge most customers encounter while shopping with Kraken Kratom is the fact that they do not offer a full money-back guarantee. However, they allow a 30 days window for unsatisfied customers to return unopened products.

This is the best time to be a Kratom consumer. With many alternative vendors in the U.S., you will get the best out of your money because the best kratom vendors stock a wide variety of strains you can try. PurKratom is the best Kratom Brand for the highest-quality kratom strains at reasonable prices. Despite facing stiff competition from renowned vendors such as Kraken Kratom, the company has established its name as a leading Kratom vendor. Choose PurKratom for contamination-free Kratom products within the USA.

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