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What is Mesh and How to Use it

MESH is a new payment system that focuses on sellers throughout emerging markets, allowing companies like PurKratom to reach a global audience. It provides instant, secure, and convenient payments, and it has already been adopted by numerous brands, including Visa. In addition to providing a safe, cardless alternative to typical corporate card set-ups, MESH also simplifies transactions, whether they are recurring or one-time payments.

100% Secure and Easy to Use

MESH works as a digital, reloadable prepaid debit card. All users must first create a MESH account and fund it before making a purchase. The account is held by an FDIC insured U.S. bank. This is why we may need to collect more information before your first transaction, but this is also why your information is much more secure with MESH than it is with other payment methods.

MESH never shares your personal information with anyone other than the bank where your MESH account is registered. A MESH account does not affect your credit score and your activity is never shared with credit reporting agencies. MESH confirms every transaction with 2-step authentication via your mobile phone, so you are always safe from unauthorized use.

For additional information and customer service please visit

How to Use Mesh

Using MESH is extremely easy, even if you are entirely new to this form of payment.

Step 1: Place Your Order

Add all the items to your cart and click on the MESH payment option. You will be automatically prompted to create a MESH account. 

Step 2: Create Your MESH Account

If you are new to MESH, registration will take around 2 minutes. The information required is for validation purposes only, and it is never stored.

Step 3: Verify Your Account

You will receive a text message from MESH. Follow the instructions to verify your account.

Step 4: Use Your MESH Card

Load your digital MESH card with the amount that you need to complete your purchase.

MESH Payment Step 4

Step 5: Complete Your Order

Click on “Complete Your Order,” and you are done! It’s that easy.

MESH Payment Step 5

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