If you're new to kratom, you're most likely wondering if it ever goes bad. If you’re also thinking of loading up on some kratom but worried about storage and shelf-life, read on here for some important tips!

Long-Term Storage

Kratom’s shelf-life is remarkably long. In fact, there is no conclusive proof of kratom ever expiring. So, does that mean kratom never goes bad? More research is being published every day on the matter, and as kratom advocates, we will keep sharing our findings with the public as they come in. While kratom probably won’t stay potent and safe until the end of time, users don’t have to worry too much about the impact of aging on efficacy. 

If you plan to use your kratom product within a reasonable time frame and you store it properly, you don’t need to worry about a product going bad.

Kratom Storage Tips

Kratom Storage Tips

To maximize your kratom product's shelf-life, there are a few good practices you ought to follow. One of the most significant things you can do to maximize kratom's shelf-life is to ensure that it stays completely dry at all times. Some of the best ways to keep your product dry include:

  • Double or triple bagging your product when not using
  • Putting kratom in glass mason jars or vacuum-sealed bags
  • Keeping kratom in a cool, dark room
  • Adding silica packs for increased peace of mind
  • Labeling and dating your kratom to keep track of the time frame

If you plan on using capsules or edibles, you might also want to separate them into a couple of different jars, so if one of them gets compromised, you don't lose all of your inventory.

Several experiments have been carried out by the kratom community concerning kratom shelf-life and storage for a duration of up to one year. They found that well-stored kratom exhibited no fungal contaminants or notable quality degradation. Moreover, users found that kratom stashes from months to years ago showed no decline in quality and no unfavorable side effects.

Kratom Storage Dilemma

Picking out the perfect place to store your kratom may present you with a set of problems. Since moisture is the biggest threat, you can start crossing out the corner under the sink, the bathroom, and any other rooms that may have running water.


While the freezer is often the ideal place to store most things long-term, this isn’t the case for kratom. Due to constant condensation and the possible introduction of moisture, freezer storage could be harmful to kratom products. 


Sunlight is another factor that can be detrimental to organic products and may affect kratom's shelf-life. While the alkaloids existing in kratom appear pretty stable in ordinary circumstances, sunlight can deteriorate almost anything if given enough time. That said, it’s better just to avoid storing kratom under direct sunlight.

Capsule Kratom

If your preferred method of ingestion is capsules, you’re dealing with an added variable in kratom shelf-life. Capsuled kratom will degrade over time because it is more exposed to degradation than the powdered form. While gelatin capsules are usually quite stable, vegetable glycerin capsules can be vulnerable to degradation over long periods if you don’t keep them in airtight containers.

Kratom Ideal Storage Locations

  • Clothes Drawer
  • Under the Bed
  • Bedroom Closet
  • Treasure Chest
  • Cabinet

Locations To Avoid

  • Backyard
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Car
  • In the Freezer or Fridge

The Advantages of Kratom’s Shelf-Life

Kratom’s extended shelf-life is just one of the many things that makes it such a great product. Luckily, each passing day after the dreaded scare of 2016, kratom saw a strengthening of its community and its reasoning for remaining legal. 

Additionally, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act is growing across the country and addressing consumer assurance laws on a by-state basis. With a little bit of luck, this act will guarantee that any long-term storage is more a reflection of personal choice rather than a necessity.

Buy Kratom From a Trusted Source

The best way to make sure your kratom stays fresh for the longest is to order it from a reliable vendor. The higher quality the kratom is from the minute it starts growing from the ground, the longer its shelf life.

At PurKratom, we want only the best experience for you. At the heart of our business is a desire to help people find natural alternatives for some of the most common problems we face every day. We strongly believe in the power of kratom which is why every product in our store has been crafted with passion and enthusiasm.

All our kratom is sourced from 100% organically grown plants, and each product is packaged with the utmost care to guarantee freshness and quality with every order. 

We hope this post has given you invaluable information beyond just answering the question, “does kratom go bad?” For more information on this exceptional plant, read our extensive Kratom blog.

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