Kratom Tea

Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia, and its leaves have been used throughout history as a medicine. Depending on the serving size, kratom tea powder can have effects similar to caffeine or opioids.

There is currently not enough research to confirm its therapeutic effects. But several studies, as well as an abundance of anecdotal evidence, suggests kratom tea powder can be used to support athletic performance, natural energy production, and wellness routines. One of the original methods of consuming kratom is still practiced today: brewing kratom leaves or strongest kratom powder into a tea.

What We Know About Kratom

Kratom leaves contain the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. With those alkaloids, kratom acts on the body similar to opioids like morphine. Some governments (Thailand, Australia, and some countries in Europe, for example) have banned kratom because these alkaloids may cause physical dependency. Not enough research has been done to prove this claim, so kratom remains legal in the US.

Research also shows that while kratom may create some opioid-like effects, it is not an opioid, so its effects on the body differ in many ways. The things that make opioids dangerous do not necessarily apply to kratom.

Many people use kratom, as sleep support, a mood-booster, and as a stimulant. That is why making kratom into a tea is an ideal way to consume it.

Make Your Own Kratom Tea

Kratom can be consumed in many ways, such as putting the powder into a beverage and chugging it down or putting the powder into capsules and swallowing as you would any other pill. Making kratom tea provides an opportunity for a more desirable experience than simply putting it in a beverage because of its bitter flavor. However, in tea, kratom’s bitterness is greatly reduced and can end up tasting similar to a strong green tea.

To make kratom tea, measure out the amount of kratom powder you want to use. Then, it is your choice of how much water to use. However, it is recommended to start with two and four cups. The more water you use, the milder the flavor of your tea and the less potent it will be. However, the effects will be the same, so long as you drink it all.

Place the kratom powder into a large cup and pour your boiling water on top. Stir the tea so that what remains is absent of clumps of dry powder. Then, you can stir in a sweetener such as honey or sugar. Honey works exceptionally well at covering the bitterness of the kratom. Once the tea has cooled for at least 15 minutes, the powder will have settled at the bottom of the cup. Now you can pour the tea into a mug and drink it, adding sweetener to your liking.

How Much Kratom Should I Put in My Tea?

Kratom Powder in Spoon

Many kratom tea recipes recommend using one teaspoon of kratom for between two and four cups of water. Generally speaking, one teaspoon of kratom is about two grams, which is a small serving size. Remember that kratom with small servings has stimulant effects rather than the sedative effects that can result from larger serving sizes.

Your reasons for making kratom tea will determine how much kratom powder you choose to include. Small servings can range between one and four grams. Five grams and higher, up to fifteen grams, is considered a safe large serving to take. Note that you will get a more accurate serving of kratom by weighing it rather than measuring it by volume, so weighing it is always preferable for safe usage.

As mentioned, because kratom has a strong, bitter flavor, making kratom tea with a larger serving size might create a stronger flavor than most people want. However, to each their own. If you are looking for effects that are more sedative and still want to consume kratom in tea form, you can dilute it in more water or add additional sweeteners so the taste suits you.

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