There is as much controversy surrounding kratom as there are people who swear by its therapeutic effects. The reason kratom has gained traction around the world is that it does provide a wide range of positive benefits. 

If you are completely new to kratom, your knowledge of kratom may come from little more than what you hear from others. Or it is just as likely that you have read about kratom. In any case, there is a lot of misinformation about kratom.  

Kratom has been used as a medicinal herb in Southeast Asia for centuries. The beneficial properties of kratom are well-known in some cultures, and people enjoy the benefits of kratom. As a fairly recent arrival in the western world, kratom remains somewhat mysterious. 

One question many people ask is, do I need a prescription to get kratom? This is a reasonable question and one we will answer in this guide. We will also provide you with the basic information so you can make an informed decision about kratom. 

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree. Scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is in the same family as the coffee tree. It is indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. 

Kratom has historically been used in many traditional medicinal practices. It has been used for many ailments and conditions. 

The leaves of the kratom tree are now used as a natural herb in the United States and other western countries. It has become known for its peaceful and soothing effects, and it is also used as a stimulant. It is often ground into a powder. Many people take kratom in the form of tea. 

The plant’s dark green leaves are usually dried and either crushed or powdered. You can find fortified kratom powders, usually green or light brown. These powders also contain extracts from other plants.

With small serving sizes, kratom has been reported to work as a stimulant. People who have used small serving sizes generally report having more energy, being more alert, and feeling more sociable. At higher serving sizes, kratom has been reported as being sedative, producing energetic effects, and dulling emotions and sensations.

A larger serving of between 10 and 25 grams of dried leaves can have a sedative effect, with feelings of calmness and mood boost. This could last for up to six hours.

Benefits Of Kratom

Benefits of Kratom

The benefits of kratom depend entirely on the specific kratom strain you are using, but all will share some common features. Some strains of kratom are more intense, while others are designed to provide a balance of benefits. 

Some kratom strains are more intense than others. Still more, one strain of kratom may offer more stimulant benefits while others may be more relaxing. Even within a particular strain, some varieties produce subtle variations on the benefits commonly associated with that strain. 

Overall, the benefits of kratom will include:

Promotion of Ease

Kratom is widely recognized for the its ability to promote feelings of ease. One of the primary reasons many people use kratom is to to support their wellness routines.  

Strengthen Energy And Focus 

The active alkaloids in kratom offer a stimulant effect that is similar to caffeine but with some important differences. The potential stimulant properties of kratom may enhance mental acuity as well as the body. People find that kratom increases their ability to focus while it also boosts energy levels. 

Calming And Relaxing

One of the most common reasons many people use kratom is for its calming and relaxing properties. Kratom may provide a feeling of calm relieving feelings of stress. One of the main reasons people use kratom is to relax. 

Improved Sleep Quality

The calming effects of kratom make it an especially effective sleep aid. While kratom will offer stimulant properties, when taken in the correct quantities, kratom will help improve the quality of your sleep.

How To Take Kratom

How to Take Kratom

Kratom comes in several forms. The leaves are often ground into a powder and made available for easy consumption. Sometimes the leaves are simply dried and packaged. There are also kratom extracts. These last require a bit more information, but we will get to that. 

There are some simple ways to take kratom. Because it is a natural substance, little more than leaves much like tea, it is easily consumed. 

How To Take Kratom Powder

There are several ways to take kratom powder. One of the most popular and effective ways to take kratom powder is in the form of a tea. There are other ways to take kratom powder, but this is probably the most palatable. 

Some kratom users report that the effects of kratom are enhanced by taking it in the form of a tea. This is likely due to the rapid absorption of the kratom alkaloids. This method is recommended for people who are taking kratom to relax and destress. 

You can even flavor your tea with some fresh lemon or with honey or sugar. The acids in lemon (or lime) will preserve the alkaloids in kratom and make your tea especially effective. Kratom tea can be chilled and consumed iced. 

How To Prepare Kratom Tea

Use a sieve or fine mesh to filter the water through the kratom powder. Heat one-half cup of water to boil. Then, let the water cool for about 10 minutes (you do not want it boiling. Just hot enough to dissolve the alkaloids). Remove the kratom powder when the water becomes a deep orange or yellow. Drink and enjoy. 

A word about serving sizes: a serving for kratom tea (and most other forms of kratom) is fairly easy to calculate. If you are new to taking kratom, you will want to go with a small serving size to see how it affects you. 

  • Mild: 1 gram
  • Moderate: 3 grams
  • Basic Effects for Most Users: 5 grams
  • Intense Effects: 10 grams
  • Extreme effects (only for experienced kratom users): 15 grams 

Since kratom is a natural substance, as opposed to a synthetic, the level of alkaloids in any given strain can vary. 

How To Toss And Wash Kratom

The toss and wash method is exactly what it sounds like: you toss the kratom back and wash it down with water or some other liquid like juice. There are a few advantages of the toss and wash method. For one, you get the kratom down quickly and completely. Toss and wash also reduces the taste of the kratom powder which can be bitter and unpleasant. Toss and wash also get you a full serving size in one quick movement.

Finally, kratom powder can stick to your mouth. This can be unpleasant. By washing it down with some kind of juice or with water, you make it easy to swallow the kratom powder. 

Your drink is not that important. This is a matter of taste. Use water, apple juice, or orange juice. 

  • Take a sip of water or juice and hold it in your mouth. 
  • Take half the desired serving size of kratom with a spoon. 
  • Take another sip of water or juice to wash down the rest of the powder. 
  • Repeat these steps to achieve the desired serving size. Usually two. 

There are advantages to using the toss and wash method. Taking the powder directly in this way produces effects quickly. The disadvantage is that it can be hard to get a precise serving size. The other thing about toss and wash for many kratom users is you cannot avoid the taste of the kratom. Some people find the bitter flavor to be intolerable. If this is the case for you, kratom pills might be the answer. 

How To Take Kratom Pills

Certainly, one of the easiest ways to take kratom in the form of a pill You can purchase kratom capsules that are already measured and filled. Taking kratom in the form of a pill or capsule is easy, convenient, and a great way to be discreet about taking kratom. 

You can make your kratom capsules by buying the empty capsules from the same place you buy your kratom. This can be tricky, and there is no way to fill the capsules with the same accuracy as a professional supplier. 

Another downside of using kratom pills is that most people need to take too many of them to get the desired effects. There is simply so little kratom in a pill that many people find they need to take 10-12 capsules just to get the desired effects they are after. 

But ultimately, kratom pills are easy, convenient, and discreet. There are real advantages to kratom pills. 

Do Doctors Prescribe Kratom?

Do Doctors Prescribe Kratom?

Doctors are not legally allowed to prescribe kratom. Since kratom is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration it is not within their authority to prescribe kratom. This said the many beneficial and therapeutic properties of kratom are known to medical science. Pending further testing, kratom remains a natural herb that is not a medical substance. 

Do I Need a Prescription To Buy Kratom?

The simple answer to this question is no. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy kratom. Kratom is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and therefore is not subject to the same regulations as medications. 

Where Can I Buy Kratom?

Kratom can be purchased at any business that sells these kinds of products. Some states regulate kratom differently from others. You may find, depending on where you live, that kratom may not be as easy to buy as it is in other parts of the country. 

But kratom is widely available. There are brick and mortar stores that sell kratom. You can also buy kratom online. Make sure to check the laws regarding kratom where you live to make sure you can legally buy kratom. 

PurKratom Showcase

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Kratom has risen steadily in popularity over the past several years. The reason for the popularity of kratom is entirely due to its many beneficial effects. People who have experienced kratom know that it can offer the benefits of a stimulant with the added benefit of greater awareness. Many people use kratom to perform better at demanding jobs. 

Kratom also offers calming effects. For people who live with increased levels of stress and tension, kratom can be a real relief. Since kratom provides these calming benefits without the numbing effects of conventional methods for stress-relief, it has become a real blessing for some. 

Kratom is not regulated by the FDA and therefore does not require a doctor’s prescription to get it. You can simply buy kratom from any reputable supplier. 

You do need to take care to familiarize yourself with local laws regarding kratom. Some states regulate kratom differently than others. For example, you may not be legally allowed to buy kratom if you are under the age of 18 in some states. But kratom is easily available. 

Check into the certified kratom options at Purkratom for the highest quality kratom available.

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