One of the most appealing features of kratom is that it can be taken in a variety of forms. From simple powder in a toss and wash to a delicious and relaxing tea, kratom is easily accessible. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to take kratom is in tea. 

What is Kratom Tea?

The obvious benefit of kratom tea is that it is easy. What could be more enjoyable than sitting back with a warm cup of tea, and kratom tea makes for a unique choice. More than just a simple cup of tea, kratom tea brings you all the great benefits of kratom. 

Kratom tea is easy to make. It is just as easy to adjust the amount of kratom you use to suit your needs. And the best thing about kratom tea is that you can make it just like any other tea. Kratom tea is one of the best ways to enjoy kratom. 

What is kratom tea? How do you make kratom tea? How do you control the effects of kratom tea? How do you measure the serving in kratom tea? This guide will give you all the information you need to enjoy kratom tea. 

What Is Kratom Tea?

People take kratom in a variety of forms. From plain powder in the form of a toss and wash to kratom capsules with measured amounts of kratom. It is pretty versatile. But kratom tea may be one of the most popular methods simply because it is so easy to take. 

Kratom tea is exactly what it sounds like. It is a measured quantity of kratom steeped in hot water to make an infusion. Kratom tea is made from kratom tree leaves. Kratom is a native plant from Southeast Asia. Kratom leaves have been traditionally used as a stimulant and as a sedative for thousands of years. Since kratom leaves can produce both effects—stimulant and sedative—the amount you use to make your tea will determine the effects. 

In smaller serving sizes, kratom tea may produce a mildly stimulating effect. The stimulant effect of kratom teas is gentle and does not lead to an overwhelming feeling of over-stimulation. This is why kratom has been favored for so long.  

In higher concentrations, kratom tea can lead to a sedative and calming effect. Again, this is not overwhelming. Much of the appeal of kratom and kratom tea stems from the fact that it creates gentle effects that are more therapeutic than intoxicating. The gentle effects of kratom tea account for its place as a traditional medicine in Southeast Asian cultures.  

How To Make Kratom Tea

How to Make Kratom Tea

Kratom on its own does not taste all that good. It can be bitter and unpalatable. This is one of the reasons kratom tea is such a great way to take kratom. 

One option is to mix the kratom powder with a simple black or green tea. Choose one of your favorite black or green teas and use this as a base for making your kratom tea and your kratom tea will taste much better. 

Another way of making kratom tea more palatable is to add things like honey, sugar, cinnamon, or lemon. These ingredients will in no way alter the effects of kratom and they will make your kratom tea more enjoyable. 

To prepare the tea, measure the desired amount of kratom powder (We will address the servings below). Add the kratom powder to the water in a teapot. Bring the water to a simmer. Do not boil your kratom. Heating the kratom and water to a boil can destroy some of the alkaloids in kratom that produce the desired effects. 

Allow the tea to cool for 2-5 minutes. Drink it while still warm. Take your time and sip the tea, especially if you have mixed your kratom with black or green tea. The idea is to enjoy the tea as much as the effects of the kratom. 

Another way of enjoying kratom tea is in a cold brew. This will likely preserve the effective alkaloids by sparing the hot water. Another benefit of kratom tea cold brew is that it works quickly. You will likely feel the effects of the kratom within about 5-10 minutes. 

The only disadvantage of kratom tea cold brew is that it takes a long time to make. If you need to let the kratom sit overnight to get the most out of your kratom powder. 

To make kratom tea cold brew, add the kratom powder to about 8 ounces of cold water in a resealable container. A ball jar is ideal for this. Mix well and place the kratom/water mix in the refrigerator overnight. It takes 8 to 12 hours to fully dissolve the active alkaloids in the kratom, so do not rush the process. 

After the kratom tea cold brew sits for the correct time, you can pour it through a filter to remove the solids. A coffee filter is sufficient. You can also simply drink it with the kratom powder still visible, but you may want to give it a good shake first. 

The white vein kratom strains tend to have the most stimulant properties. If you are making kratom tea cold brew for a morning pep, white vein kratom is probably best. 

In any case, making kratom tea cold brew is easy, and you will have your kratom tea chilled and ready to go whenever you choose to take it. Go ahead and add your other additives at the start if you like honey, sugar, or lemon. 

Is Kratom Tea Stronger Than Powder?

Kratom purists will insist on the toss and wash method for taking kratom. This method ensures that there is no loss of alkaloids, and it allows the kratom to kick in faster. The fact is, toss and wash introduce the raw alkaloids in kratom that produce the desired effects in an unadulterated and direct fashion. 

Some of the alkaloids in kratom are heat sensitive while others are not. The two main alkaloids in kratom that produce the desired effects are 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. These compounds are not heat resistant and can break down when exposed to hot water. 

Most people who regularly use kratom state that kratom powder is stronger than kratom tea. The exposure to heat reduces the available alkaloids, and direct kratom powder is more accessible. 

This said, there are some sound reasons for taking kratom tea instead of powder. For people who are new to taking kratom, kratom tea provides a gentle and easy way to begin using kratom for specific effects. People take kratom for all kinds of reasons. Some people just want a mellow and gentle effect and are not interested in the full force of plain kratom.  

Other people simply cannot stomach the taste of kratom powder. For these people, kratom tea will produce the effects of kratom and they can enjoy kratom without getting past a taste they find unpleasant. 

But the bottom line is that plain kratom powder is stronger than kratom tea. 

Kratom Tea Effects

Although the effects of kratom tea may not be quite as intense as straight kratom powder taken in the toss and wash method, kratom tea does produce the desired effects. These include:

Ease and comfort. People who take kratom tea all report that it produces a general feeling of ease. Kratom tea can allow you a feeling of comfort that alleviates things like stress. 


The relaxing effects of kratom do remain intact and strong with kratom tea. One of the main reasons people have begun using kratom in the western world is because of the powerful relaxing properties of kratom. 

Helps You Sleep

Along with helping you relax, kratom tea is a perfect way to ease into a restful night of sleep. Kratom is known to help you relax and offer a higher quality night of sleep. 

Increased Energy Levels

When taken in the correct amounts, kratom can provide an assistive energy boost. Small servings of kratom are known to have stimulant properties. 

While kratom is safe, there can be some negative side effects of kratom, and kratom tea also carries the potential for side effects. Many of which are rare, but you should understand that kratom, just like any natural substance, can have unwanted effects. 

Kratom Tea Serving

Kratom Tea Dosage

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about kratom in general, and kratom tea specifically, is the different strains of kratom tend to be stronger than others. That said, it can be difficult to provide a hard and fast guide to serving for kratom tea. 

On the other hand, a general guideline of serving is fairly easy and straightforward. If you are new to taking kratom you will want to start with the smallest serving size. 

For newcomers and those who are after mild effects, about 2 grams of kratom is all you will need. 2 grams may produce mild stimulant effects that can be mixed with stimulant effects. This is part of the nature of kratom at small serving sizes. 

You can go up in 2-gram increments to see how kratom will affect you. For most people, 2-4 grams of kratom powder is sufficient for effective kratom tea. 

You should not exceed 15 grams of kratom on any given day. Beyond this level, you run the risk of more serious side effects. 

Kratom Tea FAQs

What Is Kratom Tea? 

Kratom tea is exactly what it sounds like. It is a measured quantity of kratom steeped in hot water to make an infusion. Kratom tea is made from kratom tree leaves. Kratom is a native plant from Southeast Asia. Kratom leaves have been traditionally used as a stimulant and as a sedative for thousands of years. Since kratom leaves can produce both effects—stimulant and sedative—the amount you use to make your tea will determine the effects. 

How Do I Make Kratom Tea?

Making kratom tea simply involves steeping the kratom powder in warm water just like any other type of tea. You can mix your kratom powder with a regular black or green tea to make a tea infusion that provides the benefits of kratom. 

Are There Other Ways of Making Kratom Tea? 

You can make a kratom tea cold brew. This is great for preparing your kratom tea ahead of time and having an easeful and pleasant iced kratom tea on hand for when you want it. 

Is Kratom Tea Just As Effective As Kratom Powder? 

Kratom tea will provide all the benefits of kratom. With the correct serving, kratom tea can give you a mild stimulant effect. In other serving sizes, kratom tea can have a relaxing effect. But taking kratom powder on its own is more powerful. The hot water in making kratom tea can reduce the effectiveness of some of the active alkaloids in kratom. 

What Serving Size Of Kratom Should I Use For Kratom Tea? 

Ideally, you should begin with a small serving of about 2 grams until you get a sense of how kratom may affect you. You can go up to about 15 grams but you will risk negative side effects beyond 15 grams. 


The increasing popularity and benefits of kratom are catching on. People are discovering the powerful therapeutic effects of kratom. Kratom has been used as a traditional medicine in Southeast Asia where it is a native plant. 

As people increasingly take kratom to relax or to enjoy its stimulant properties, people are looking for new ways to take kratom. While the plain powder taken directly in the form of a toss and wash is probably the best-known method, and the most effective, there are other ways to take kratom. 

Kratom tea is an easy and effective way to take kratom. The fact is, kratom can taste pretty bad on its own. With a kratom tea, you can add things like honey and lemon to make your kratom taste delicious and still be effective. Kratom tea can provide all the benefits of kratom and it makes taking kratom that much easier.

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